Option and Battle Codes

Option Cards and Codes:

Bo-448 Power Charger: Gives you 10 DP 776
Bo-449 Super Charger: Gives you 30 DP 698
Bo-450 MAX Charger: Gives you 99 DP 221
Bo-451 Jumper ROM: Advances you by 500 steps 556
Bo-452 Jumper Board: Advances you by 1000 steps 431
St-373 Evoluter: Lets you evolve in the next battle, even if you can't evolve yet. 590
St-374 Accelerator: Your partner's stats are Maxed. 329
St-375 Holy Orb: You will defeat your next enemy with one hit (not effective on Bosses). 241

Ultimate D-Ark Ultimate Items:

Bo-694 Zero Unit: Used to evolve Beelzebumon and Dukemon (Get from Qinglongmon or Blue Card). 000
Bo-695 Jumper Gate: Advances you 1500 steps. 630
Bo-696 Nitro Burn: In the next battle, all attacks will be Super Hits. 519
Bo-587 Summon Cube: Calls a random Digimon in the next battle. 700

Battle Cards and Codes (Can only be used in Battle):

St-376 Attack Plug-In A: AP +1 654
St-377 Defense Plug-In C: HP +1 947
St-378 High Speed Plug-In B: SP +1 765
Bo-443 Strengthening Plug-In W: All Stats +1 090
Bo-444 Attack Plug-In V: AP +2 035
Bo-445 High Speed Plug-In H: SP +2 452
Bo-446 Defense Plug-In F: HP +2 899
Bo-496 Attack Plug-In K: AP +3 907
Bo-497 Defense Plug-In G: HP +3 742
Bo-498 High Speed Plug-In T: SP +3 248

NOTE: The letters and numbers to the left of each Item above is the Card Number. The Japanese Digimon Card Game comes typically in Starter Decks (St) and Booster Packs (Bo) with the Card Number beside it. To see pictures of these specific cards, and many other Cards, go to this link: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Toys/1116/index.html.