Introduction to the Digimon Mini (by D-protector)

The Digimon Mini is the latest Digimon V-Pet series, and is based on the older Digimon models (the digital monster line and the Digimon pendulum line), and has a roster of 13 Digimon. This is a Digimon 10th anniversary special.

Set-Up and Game Play:
When you remove the tab from the Mini you are greeted with the Bandai logo and then the time input. In one minute, your Digitama will evolve and you must feed it and train it as you do in past v-pets. Unlike past v-pets the Mini does not have icons for its functions. Instead the buttons select each function.

  1. A Button:
    • Feed : Press the button and the icons for meat and vitamins will come up. Press A to scroll from meat to vitamin and then press B to confirm.
    • Poop/Sickness: Press A when your Digimon poops or get sick. Pressing A for poop will instantly clean your Digimon and pressing A for sickness or injury will bring up the two icons for sickness and injury. Scroll with A and select with B.
    • Sleep: Press A and on and off will appear. Scroll with A and select with B.
  2. B Button:
    • Training: To train, hold the B button until read appears on the screen. Then to power your Digimon, press the B button rapidly.
    • Battle/Record: To select battle, press B and you will come to two options. (battle and record) Battle leads you into battle and record shows you the amount of battles you have won and lost and your win ratio. Scroll between the two options with A and select with B.
  3. C Button:
    • Clock: Hold down C until the time appears.
    • C also acts as cancel when you want to back out.

Sound Off: Press and A and B at the same time and select on or off.

Change Time: Hold down C to select the time and press A and B at the same time to change the clock.

Digimon Listing