Blast Evolution

The Pendulum X 3.0 has the Blast Evolution Feature. There are two types of blast evolution, the orange and green light. Blast Evolution with the orange light will temporarily evolve your Digimon up one level for the duration of the blast. It evolves with the orange light randomly with a slightly full stomach and an empty or half filled XAI-level. To get the Green light you need a full stomach and strength, a full XAI level and a 70% Win Ratio. When the X-Cast is carried out with an green light and a screen saying " Blast-Evolution" is displayed, it will evolve 4 times or 80% of the time in battle. If a screen saying "Blast-Evolution MAXIMUM" is displayed, it will evolve every time during that battle or training session. If it no screen is displayed with a green light its random. Below is a list of the Blast Evolution routes.

Base Digimon Orange Light = First Evolution Green Light = Second Evolution
Proromon FanBeemon
Dorumon Raptordramon
Ryuudamon GinRyumon
FanBeemon Waspmon
Raptordramon Grademon Alphamon
GinRyumon Hisharyumon Ouryumon
Waspmon CannonBeemon TigerVespamon
Omekamon MetalPhantmon MetalPiranhmon
Grademon Alphamon Omegamon X
Hisharyumon Ouryumon Dukemon X
CannonBeemon TigerVespamon Magnamon X
MetalPhantmon MetalPiranhmon Dynasmon X
Alphamon Omegamon X Alphamon w/ Ouryuken Sword
Ouryumon Dukemon X Alphamon w/ Ouryuken Sword
TigerVespamon Magnamon X Alphamon w/ Ouryuken Sword
MetalPiranhmon Dynasmon X Alphamon w/ Ouryuken Sword
Alphamon w/ Ouryuken Sword Death-Xmon