File Island: The Complete Digimon Electronics Resource

We're back! With thanks to godofchaos of WtW-X, File Island now has a new home. Some things, like the drop down menus on the Jogress sections, don't quite work properly yet. But don't worry--the rest of the information is still here and works just fine.

But hey, we're still File Island,  the Complete Digimon Electronics Resource. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Japanese releases of the Digimon electronic toys. The menu on the left is divided up in several categories: the Electronic Pets, where you raise your own Digimon; the Digivices, adventure based where you partner yourself with the heroic Digimon from the respective series; and the Accessories,  toys designed to aid the game play of the Electronic Toys and Digivices.

If the information you need isn't listed here, or you have a question or comment, please visit the Digimon Electronics board at WtW-X or send us an e-mail from the Contact Information section in the menu. We're happy to help.

Enjoy your stay, visit often, and feel free to contribute. LCD donations in particular are always welcome.

~ The Staff