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To get Poyomon:
Born from Egg
To get a Tokomon:
Poyomon: Wait about 60 minutes.

To get Patamon:
Tokomon: -1 Calls.
To get PicoDevimon:
Tokomon: 2-4 Calls.
To get Ganimon:
Tokomon: 5+ Calls.

To get Angemon:
Patamon: -1 Calls. Train 30+.
To get Devimon:
Patamon: -2 Calls, Train 20-25.
PicoDevimon:-3 Calls, Train 20-29.
To get Leomon:
Patamon: 2 Calls, Train 10-19.
Ganimon: -1 Calls, Train 30+.
To get Shellmon:
PicoDevimon: -3 Calls, Train 20-29
Ganimon: -3 Calls, Train 20-29
To get Coelamon:
PicoDevimon: -5 Calls, Training 10-19
Ganimon: -5 Calls, Training 10-19
To get Nanimon:
Patamon/PicoDevimon/Ganimon: When you do not fullfill the requirements of other Digimon.

To get HolyAngemon:
Angemon: -2 Calls, Perfect Level Requirements.
To get Vamdemon:
Angemon: 1-2 Calls, Perfect Level Requirements.
Devimon: -1 Calls, Perfect Level Requirements.
To get Etemon
Leomon: 1 Call, Perfect Level Requirements.
Nanimon: 1 Call, Perfect Level Requirements.

To get Holydramon:
Holy Angemon: 1 Call, Perfect Level Requirements
To get Piemon:
Vamdemon: 0 Calls, Perfect Level Requirements.
To get BanchouLeomon:
Etemon: 1-2 Calls, Perfect Level Requirements.

***Hidden Ultimate***
Lucemon Satan Mode

Perfect Level Requirements:
- A total of 30 or more battles during Child and Adult stages.
- A Win Ratio of 40% gives you a 20% chance of evolution. 60% or more gives you a 45% chance. 80% gives you a 80% chance.

For reference:

  1. A Call is when your Digimon cries out, you have 20 minutes or less to respond before it goes out by itself. Your Digimon will only do this when its hearts run out or it gets sick/dying. It will also do this when its time to turn out the lights. You also have 20 minutes to clean the screen when it poops before its is counted as a Call.
  2. A Sleep Disturbance is waking it up during its sleep, if it doesn't get its 8 hours of sleep its DP won't be restores so be careful. Training only counts for evolution when successful.