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DigiSoul Charge - Version 1.0X

DigiSoul Charge is a way to get helpful food items and DigiSoul that will allow you to let your Digimon evolve into something other than the default evolutions. It uses the sensors at the top of the iC. For a list of item descriptions, please check the Item Page.

The codes refer to the Pattern Bar display. 0 = OFF/No Line; 1 = ON/Line

For Example:
00110 = Sensor #3 and 4 ON.
10100 = Sensor #1 and 3 ON.
All codes have 1 for the 3rd digit.

Meat-L 10100
Holy DigiSoul 10111
Holy DigiSoul 11100
Cloud 10101
Dragon DigiSoul 00110
Wafers 01110
Water DigiSoul 00101
Machine DigiSoul 01100
Dark DigiSoul 10110
Dragon DigiSoul 11111
Beast DigiSoul 11110
Plant DigiSoul 11101
Water DigiSoul 00111
Bird DigiSoul 01111
Bird DigiSoul 01101

Special thanks to Blade Sabre for the diagram.
Special thanks to Flarealchemist for help with the codes.