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Plate Charge

Typically, only DDP chips (one comes with each iC) may be used for the Plate Charge. The plates have raised bumps on them that push two recessed buttons on the side of the receptors at the top of the iC. You can get around this by using a paper clip or other item that can push two small recessed buttons at once.

These codes will give you items ranging from accessories to weapons to special food. You may also get into a battle to win special items.

The codes refer to the Pattern Bar display. 0 = OFF/No Line; 1 = ON/Line
L and R refer to the buttons to the left and the right of the receptors.
For Example:
00110 = Sensor #3 and 4 ON.
10110 = Sensor #1, 3, and 4 ON.
All codes have 1 for the 3rd digit.

CODE L/R Result
00111 L Beast Claw
10101 L BATTLE (MetalGreymon)
01110 L Poop Hat
10110 L Chocolate
01111 L Jungle Needle
11101 L All Digisoul
11110 L Dragon Sword
10111 L Dark Darkness
11111 L BATTLE (LadyDevimon)
00110 R Fowl Tornado
10100 R Machine Knuckle
00111 R Wafers
10101 R Holy Saint
01110 R Water Drop
01111 R Poop Hat
11110 R BATTLE (Angewomon)
10111 R All Digisoul
11111 R BATTLE (WereGarurumon)
00111 LR Beast Claw
10101 LR Holy Saint
01110 LR Ramune
01111 LR Pineapple
11110 LR Dragon Sword
10111 LR BATTLE (Dukemon)
11111 LR BATTLE (Kuwagamon)

Special thanks to Blade Sabre for the diagram.