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DDP Scanning - Justice/Evil Genome

Typically, only DDP chips (sold separately) may be used for DDP Scanning. However, you can maneuver a tool like a pen or pin to trigger the "Central Switch" located in the middle of the Matrix Sensor and use the codes below. The reason for DNA scanning is so people without DDP chips can play without spending the extra cash, but the DDP codes offer a lot more.

Entering any of these codes will give you the item mentioned. The DDP A and DDP B Chips come with the Justice and Evil Genome. You can only get the Rare DDP Chips at special events and result in a battle with a silhouette Digimon. Beat the Digimon and you will gain the item listed. For a list of item descriptions, please check the Item Page. Entering these codes into another version will give you a different result.

The codes refer to the Pattern Bar display. 0 = OFF/No Line; 1 = ON/Line
Central Switch = ON (The white button in the middle of the Matrix Sensor)
For Example:
001100 = Sensor #3 and 4 ON.
100100 = Sensor #1 and 4 ON.
All codes have 1 for the 4th Digit.

Digimon Date Plate File 1.0

DDP #Resulting Item(s)CODEIllustration
DDP ABeast DNA100110BanchouLeomon
DDP 01One of Every DNA110111Omegamon
DDP 02Beast DNA100110BanchouLeomon
DDP 03Insect/Plants DNA111110TyrantKabuterimon
DDP 04Machine/Mutant DNA010111MetalEtemon
DDP 05Bird DNA110110Garudamon X
DDP 06Grey Sword010100Omegamon
DDP 07Dramon Killer001100WarGreymon
DDP 08Kaiser Knuckle011100Leomon
DDP 09Thor Hammer100100Zudomon
DDP 10Burning Fist101100Meramon
DDP 11Air Wind010101Imperialdramon
DDP 12Level Reverse101111Level Reverse

Digimon Date Plate File 2.0

DDP #Resulting Item(s)CODEIllustration
DDP BDragon DNA011110Darkdramon
DDP 14One of Every DNA111111Dukemon
DDP 15Dragon DNA011110Darkdramon
DDP 16Dark DNA001111GranDracmon
DDP 17Water DNA101110Whamon
DDP 18Holy DNA000111HolyAngemon
DDP 19Aegis000101Dukemon
DDP 20Gram001101Dukemon
DDP 21Mugen Cannon110100Mugendramon
DDP 22Rappa Mike111100Volcamon
DDP 23Lightning Blade011101Lighdramon
DDP 24Ice Blow100101Yukidarumon

Digimon Date Plate File 3.0

DDP #Resulting Item(s)CODEIllustration
DDP 27One of Every DNA110111Chaosmon
DDP 28Beast DNA100110LoaderLeomon
DDP 29Insect/Plants DNA111110GrandisKuwagamon
DDP 30Machine/Mutant DNA010111MegaloGrowmon
DDP 31Bird DNA110110Hououmon
DDP 32Grey Sword010100Omegamon
DDP 33Dramon Killer001100WarGreymon
DDP 34Kaiser Knuckle011100Leomon
DDP 35Thor Hammer100100Zudomon
DDP 36Burning Fist101100Meramon
DDP 37Air Wind010101Imperialdramon
DDP 38Level Reverse101111Level Reverse

Digimon Date Plate File 4.0

DDP #Resulting Item(s)CODEIllustration
DDP 40One of Every DNA111111Craniummon
DDP 41Dragon DNA011110Volcdramon
DDP 42Dark DNA001111Matadormon
DDP 43Water DNA101110MegaSeadramon
DDP 44Holy DNA000111Seraphimon
DDP 45Aegis000101Dukemon
DDP 46Gram001101Dukemon
DDP 47Mugen Cannon110100Mugendramon
DDP 48Rappa Mike111100Volcamon
DDP 49Lightning Blade011101Lighdramon
DDP 50Ice Blow100101Yukidarumon

Special DDPs

DDP #Resulting Item(s)CODEIllustration
RARE DPPBattle + Burning Knuckle101101Zhuqiaomon
RARE DPPBattle + Dark Cannon001110Huanglongmon
RARE DPPBattle + Energy Lance010110Huanglongmon (Silver)
RARE DPPBattle + Ice Claw110101Baihumon
RARE DPPBattle + Lightning Hammer000110Xuanwumon
RARE DPPBattle + Wind Sword111101Qinglongmon