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DDP Scanning - Nature/Ultimate Genome

Typically, only DDP chips (sold separately) may be used for DDP Scanning. However, you can maneuver a tool like a pen or pin to trigger the "Central Switch" located in the middle of the Matrix Sensor and use the codes below. The reason for DNA scanning is so people without DDP chips can play without spending the extra cash, but the DDP codes offer a lot more.

Entering any of these codes will give you the item/s mentioned. For a list of item descriptions, please check the Item Page. The 4 C DDP Chips come with the 4 colors of the Nature Genome. Entering these codes into another version will give you a different result.

The codes refer to the Pattern Bar display. 0 = OFF/No Line; 1 = ON/Line
Central Switch = ON (The white button in the middle of the Matrix Sensor)
For Example:
001100 = Sensor #3 and 4 ON.
100100 = Sensor #1 and 4 ON.
All codes have 1 for the 4th Digit.

Digimon Data Plate Plus 1.0

DDP #Resulting Item(s)CODEIllustration
DDP 01One of Every DNA110111, 111111Alforce V-Dramon
DDP 02Dragon, Insect/Plants DNA011110, 111110Spinomon
DDP 03Beast, Holy DNA000111, 100110Mercurimon
DDP 04Water, Dark DNA001111, 101110Neptunmon
DDP 05Bird, Machine/Mutant DNA010111, 110110Valdurmon
DDP 06Omega Blade, Demon Arms000101, 010100Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
DDP 07Pendulum Blade, Mystic Bell001100, 111100MegaloGrowmon
DDP 08Smiley Bomb, Royal Meister001101, 011100Mamemon
DDP 08Battle Axe, Pile Bunker010101, 100100Boltmon
DDP 10Megido Flame, Holy Arrow011101, 101100Megidramon
DDP 11Hunting Cannon, Cocytus Breath100101, 110100MetalMamemon
DDP 12STR-MAX, Level Reverse011111, 101111STR-MAX, Level Reverse
DDP 13DP-MAX, Protein +100111DP-MAX, Protein +

Special DDPs

DDP #Resulting Item(s)CODEIllustration
DDP C1Dragon, Insect/Plants DNA011110, 111110Spinomon
DDP C2Beast, Holy DNA000111, 100110Mercurimon
DDP C3Dark, Water DNA001111, 101110Neptunmon
DDP C4Bird, Machine/Mutant DNA010111, 110110Valdurmon
DDP D1Beast, Holy DNA000111, 100110Sleipmon
DDP D2Water, Dark DNA001111, 101110Beelzebumon
RARE DDPThunder Javalin000110Unknown
RARE DDPPsycho Blaster101101Unknown
RARE DDPBerenjena001110Unknown
RARE DDPNeko Punch110101BelialVamdemon
RARE DDPFairy Tale010110Unknown
RARE DDPFenrir Sword111101Unknown