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DNA Scanning - Justice Genome

Different variations of 1's and 0's will get you different DNA types. When you have a Tamer Level of 1, you will recieve between one and three of the first DNA item for each scan. Level of 2 gives you between one and three of each of the first 2 DNA items, and Level 3 gives between one and three of all 3 DNA items.

The codes refer to the Pattern Bar display. 0 = OFF/No Line; 1 = ON/Line
Central Switch = OFF (The white button in the middle of the Matrix Sensor)
For Example:
001100 = Sensor #3 and 4 ON.
100100 = Sensor #1 and 4 ON.
All codes have 1 for the 4th Digit.

000100Default (Unachievable)100100Bird, Insect/Plants, Beast DNA
000101Bird, Machine/Mutant, Dark DNA100101Holy, Water, Bird DNA
000110Bird, Insect/Plants, Beast DNA100110Dragon, Dark, Machine/Mutant DNA
000111Beast, Bird, Water DNA100111Dragon, Machine/Mutant, Holy DNA
001100BATTLE (Revolmon)101100Insect/Plants, Holy, Dragon DNA
001101Holy, Machine/Mutant, Beast DNA101101Bird, Insect/Plants, Beast DNA
001110Holy, Dark, Insect/Plants DNA101110Beast, Machine/Mutant, Holy DNA
001111Bird, Insect/Plants, Beast DNA101111Beast, Dragon, Water DNA
010100Dragon, Water, Dark DNA110100Holy, Dark, Machine/Mutant DNA
010101Beast, Machine/Mutant, Holy DNA110101Insect/Plants, Holy, Dragon DNA
010110Insect/Plants, Machine/Mutant, Water DNA110110Dragon, Beast, Water DNA
010111Insect/Plants, Holy, Dragon DNA110111Dragon, Water, Machine/Mutant DNA
011100Holy, Bird, Water DNA111100Dragon, Water, Dark DNA
011101Dragon, Water, Dark DNA111101Insect/Plants, Water, Bird DNA
011110Insect/Plants, Holy, Dragon DNA111110Holy, Dark, Machine/Mutant DNA
011111Bird, Machine/Mutant, Dark DNA111111Beast, Dragon, Water DNA