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Version 1.0/1.5
REST The enemy... The item they'll drop... And if Defeated by a Tera-hit... Item Summary
100-88 Dorimon Nothing Nothing Meat - M,
Meat - L
Agumon X Meat - M Meat - L
87-76 Dorumon Meat - M Meat - L Meat - M,
Meat - L,
Protein +
Agumon X Meat - M Meat - L
Kuwagamon X Meat - L Protein +
75-64 Greymon X Protein + STR-MAX Meat - L,
Protein +
Dorugamon Protein + STR-MAX
Seadramon X Meat - L Protein +
Kuwagamon X Meat - L Protein +
63-52 Dorugamon Protein + STR-MAX Protein +
Metal Rise
Raptordramon STR-MAX Metal Rise
Okuwamon X STR-MAX Metal Rise
51-40 Okuwamon X Metal Rise Aqua Orb Metal Rise,
Aqua Orb,
Sky Wing,
MegaSeadramon X STR-MAX or Metal Rise Sky Wing
39-28 MetalGreymon X Aqua Orb Sky Wing Aqua Orb,
Sky Wing,
Zombie Meat,
Forest Leaf
Dorugremon Aqua Orb Forest Leaf
Grademon Zombie Meat Zombie Meat
27-16 Grademon Zombie Meat Zombie Meat Zombie Meat,
Sky Wing,
Metal Rise,
GigaSeadramon Sky Wing D-Poison
WarGreymon X Metal Rise D-Poison
15-4 Dorugoramon CHO-Energy CHO-Energy Aqua Orb,
Metal Rise,
GrandisKuwagamon Aqua Orb CHO-Energy
WarGreymon X Metal Rise D-Poison
Alphamon CHO-Energy CHO-Energy
3-0 Alphamon CHO-Energy CHO-Energy CHO-Energy
BOSS Alphamon CHO-Energy CHO-Energy CHO-Energy,
Master Tag
Omegamon X CHO-Energy Master Tag


If you get to the BOSS STAGE with an Ultimate Digimon "Omegamon X" will appear. If it is a Perfect Digimon or below, "Alphamon" will appear.

When Dealing with the Pendulum X 1.5 in Quest Mode, simply use the above Map but make the substitutions below.
- DEATH-X-Dorugamon (Raptordramon) will drop STR-MAX/STR-MAX (Tera Hit) on 63-52 otherwise normal items.
- DEATH-X-Dorugremon (Grademon) will drop Zombie Meat/Zombie Meat (Tera Hit) on 39-28 otherwise normal items.
- DEATH-X-Dorugoramon (Alphamon) will drop Level Reverse /Zombie Meat (Tera Hit) always.
- GAIOUMON (WarGreymon X) will drop normal items.

The Forest Leaf does not appear in the Pendulum X 1.5. The Level Reverse can be gathered between 38-16 at 38-28 where Forest Leaf would be and at 27-16 where Zombie Meat is placed.

On the 1.5 you do not have to fight the Area Boss. By cancelling the battles and landing on "item" slots you can gain items without battling.