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Version 2.0
REST The enemy... The item they'll drop... And if defeated by a Tera-Hit... Item Summary
100-88 Kyokyomon Nothing Nothing Meat - M,
Meat - L
Guilmon X Meat - M Meat - L
87-76 Ryuudamon Meat - M Meat - L Meat - M,
Meat - L,
Protein +
Guilmon X Meat - M Meat - L
Monochromon X Meat - L Protein +
75-64 Allomon X Meat - L Protein + Meat - L,
Protein +,
Growmon X Protein + STR-MAX
Ginryumon Protein + STR-MAX
Monochromon X Meat - L Protein +
63-52 Ginryumon Protein + STR-MAX Protein +,
Metal Rise
TobuCatmon STR-MAX Metal Rise
Triceramon X STR-MAX Metal Rise
51-40 Triceramon X STR-MAX (Metal Rise on 51) Metal Rise (Aqua Orb on 51) A Metal Rise,
Sky Wing,
Aqua Orb
MameTyramon Metal Rise Sky Wing
39-28 Hisharyumon Aqua Orb Forest Leaf Forest Leaf,
Sky Wing,
Aqua Orb,
MegaloGrowmon X Aqua Orb Sky Wing
SkullBaluchimon EVO-5 EVO-5
27-16 SkullBaluchimon EVO-5 EVO-5 EVO-5,
Sky Wing,
Metal Rise,
DinoRexmon Sky Wing D-Poison
MedievalDukemon Metal Rise D-Poison
15-4 UltimateBrachimon Forest Leaf CHO-Energy A Metal Rise,
Forest Leaf,
DinoTigemon CHO-Energy CHO-Energy
Ouryumon CHO-Energy CHO-Energy
MedievalDukemon Metal Rise D-Poison
3-0 DinoTigemon CHO-Energy CHO-Energy CHO-Energy
BOSS DinoTigemon CHO-Energy CHO-Energy CHO-Energy,
Master Tag
Dukemon X CHO-Energy Master Tag


If you get to the Boss Stage with an Ultimate Digimon, Dukemon X" will appear. If it is a Perfect Digimon or lower, DinoTigemon

In the Version 2.0 you do not have to fight the Map Boss Digimon. By canceling the battles and landing on "item" slots you can gain items without fighting enemies.