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D-3 Evolutions and Area Digimon

Here you will find all the Digimon in the three versions of the D-3. This will include how to get all of the Digimon aswell as information about the enemy and boss Digimon.

For a gallery chart of the Digimentals and their LCDs please click the links below.

V-mon's Natural Evolutions - V-mon's Armor Evolutions
Wormmon's Natural Evolutions - Wormmon's Armor Evolutions
Hawkmon's Natural Evolutions - Hawkmon's Armor Evolutions
Tailmon's Natural Evolutions - Tailmon's Armor Evolutions
Armadimon's Natural Evolutions - Armadimon's Armor Evolutions
Patamon's Natural Evolutions - Patamon's Armor Evolutions

Enemy Digimon: Child | Adult (1/2) | Adult (2/2)
Boss Digimon | Secret Digimon

Specific D-3 V-mon Version Digimon